Regarding Refund

Hello - I am wondering how and who I get in contact with in regards to discussing a refund.

Much appreciation

Liammacdonald, you can PM the Zorin team directly right here on the forum.
You can contact @AZorin in a private message or @zorink.

They are answering questions and developing the Upcoming OS Zorin 16, so please be patient; I can assure you, you Will Get a Reply, even if it is not immediate.

In the meantime, as you have joined the forum, if there are technical issues that are causing your copy of Zorin Ultimate to not be usable, please feel free to ask while you wait. It may be that we can help.

Hi @Liammacdonald

If you are experiencing issues with Zorin OS we would be happy to help you.

Please note that your purchase of Zorin OS Ultimate comes bundled with the Zorin Installation Support package, which entitles you to technical support directly from the development team here, or on the forum.

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Good afternoon, I have submitted a email via that attached and look forward to hearing my response in due course at a suitable time. Keep up the good work!

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