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I recently installed a theme for my pc and since then the time format for my clock has changed to 24hrs format, I tried changing it in the settings but it did not change

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Which version of ZorinOS are you using: Core or Lite? Please update your profile here on the forums to reflect that to make it easier to provide better assistance.

It would also be helpful to know which theme it was, in case there are known outstanding bugs regarding this.

I am using core version

Themes deal with appearance, not settings. A theme can change how the clock looks, but not its formatting settings.
So you may need to retrace your steps to see if anything else performed may have changed some settings.

In the meantime, you can run the following in terminal to set the clock format to 12hr:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface clock-format '12h'
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I was thinking maybe the theme overlaps its own clock on top of the current one?

If a certain theme maker includes not standard theme elements to physically change other settings; that can happen. For example , themes purported to make your system Truly resemble Windows OS or Mac OS. These are usually gotten on githib, rather than Pling (gnome-look, xfce-look...) and contain non-theme files and configurations.
So that technically can happen. But it is not common in theming - that is a case of themer going far above and beyond. I also avoid these as some of their system changes can be dangerous.

But by far, the vast majority of themes out there are Theme Only. They theme the exiting elements, only. They cannot and don't change elements, widgets etc.

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