Registered Fingerprints Increase Login Process

After finally getting my biometrics sorted out and working (see my post history if you want to see what I did to get them working on a Thinkpad), I noticed something .. It appears that when I unlock the machine, and I opt to type in the password instead of using the reader, it seems to still try and attempt to authenticate via the reader before it then posts "Verification timed out" or similar, and only then does it log me in.

I tested this by deleting all my prints and manually locking the device.. sure enough, now when I type in my password it thinks for a fraction of a second before logging me in.. Is this normal behaviour? I've elected to stop using the reader altogether as it was sporadic at best in recognizing my print, as I can now log in almost instantly vs waiting ~5-6 seconds

I have taken the same decision on my Asus Pro with fingerprint sensor. Manual login is much faster and costs a fraction of time, even in terminal the use of fingerprint as authorization was pain.

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I honestly have found fingerprint login on any device a pain.

Possibly because as a mech by trade, my fingerprints are... on the front lines.
I give blood sacrifices to my work often.
I mean... retaining the same fingerprints day to day for me would be a full time job.

I use a 4 digit PIN as my Login Password. With numlock enabled at boot, logging in is a fast series of punches on the number pad and bap, I'm in.


I don't know if it was poor hardware software or both but I had to help a client reinstall Windows on their Toshiba. He told me the fingerprint reader was a waste of time as any print as well as original unlocked the device. From a security angle, a thief would want to separate your digit from you. Can't do that with a password. Retinal recognition could also mean losing an eye!

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The Mythbusters did a pretty fun episode on Fingerprint technology.
They used a Photocopy scan as a "fingerrpint" and... it worked.
No need to cut anything other than a piece of paper.

I shut the fingerprint off as I also got mine working, it's a real PITA.

Yes, it is slower to login using the fingerprint, I see it both on Linux and on Windows. Even on Windows, once it finally recognizes my print, it spins for a while before actually logging me in. If I just enter my passcode, I'm in a second.

I find it much easier to just enter the passsword and be done, than to fiddle around with the finger print nonsense. Half the time it doesn't even recognize my print anyhow. I think it's nothing more than a gimmick dressed up as "security", which it isn't even that secure.


Glad to hear I'm not alone. I think I've gotten spoiled with Windows Hello, which works 95% of the time, esp with the IR camera in my T480s.

The only reason I was looking for an alternative to a password is because I'd prefer if it only asked for the password when I booted up, vs every time it wakes up from sleep, but there's really only two options - Password every time, or no password at all... I really only worry about access if I lost the computer... if I am booting it up, it's sitting on my desk in my house, or at a coffee shop where it's never unattended.

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I've had fingerprint scanners on my last two cell phones and I love them ...... but as I have such large fingers it takes me quite a while to get them to except my fingerprint ..... two different fingers ..... registered but once that is done it's a breeze .....

Never had a fingerprint scanner on a computer .....

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