Reinstall software store repeatedly

Everytime I wan to install something, the software store doesn't work. I have to follow the solution I round here, to kill, rm cache, and install gnome-software.

Could You describe the Problem a little bit more? Do You get Error Messages? Or could you make a Screenshot and show it to us?

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Have you got your software sources set to Main Server? You may also want to give Apper a try instead, plus Synaptic Package Manager is another great source of Software.

The software app has the default settings from when Zorin was installed. I know I can use apt-get, but wanted to use the default "built-in" app that comes with Zorin.

Then You should control it. Open the Software Center and go to the Menu on the upper right Side beneath the close/maximize/minimize Button's. There You choose the first Menu-Point. Then should open a Window like this:

Look at the marked Field. There should stay ''Main-Server'' (in my Picture it is german, so please don't wonder).

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thanks, I found the main server setting and made it so. Rebooted, and same thing. I try to search for an app, and it just keeps spinning

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Hmm ... Okay, what are Your Specs from Your PC? Do You use Core or Lite? Do You use Wifi or Cable?