Reinstall with Dual Boot

I have Zorin OS 16.2 in a dual-boot configuration with Windows 10. I used the recommended method of installing Windows first and then Zorin. Everything has been working fine but I have messed about experimenting with Zorin and now would like to take it back to a clean install. Can someone help me work out which options I need to use in the installer do achieve this, please? I am particularly stuck at the partitioning section and don't know which option I should pick.

In the installer, under "Something else", select the partition you have Zorin OS on (ext4) and click the (-) button in the gparted window.
Then click on the free space that creates and select the (+) button. In the popup window, format it to your ext4 file system and be sure to set your mount point as /

Then click to install to that partition.

Ok, that seemed to be working to start with. The installer ran through and asked me to remove the install medium and reboot. However, after the reboot I am presented with a screen that says 'GNU GRUB version 2.06' and a GRUB> prompt. I can't see how to start either Windows or Zorin from here. Help?

Something went wrong with the grub-efi-install.
Please run Boot Repair. You can reuse your installation medium; boot from the LiveUSB to Try Zorin; then run boot repair as outlined here:

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Thank you. That boot-repair tool is an awesome piece of code. I followed it through and rebooted when asked. I then got the grub> prompt back but it had also suggested that I might have to change the boot order in the BIOS which worked and I am back to booting as normal. Many thanks for your help :grinning:


Hello all. My linux mint working but w10 start every time blue screen. Tried bootrec all command. Tried almost all. The diskpart also seeing my partition windows. Have some 16mb partition and only windows. Don't recognize or missing mbr partition or boot partition. I remember it have near 100mb. That propably why i have all time blue screen? In mint i have choice both operating system but when i choice w10 it gived all time blue screen. Cannot start any type recovery or repairing disk is ssd. I reconnected all hard disk and peripherals hardware. I don't know what it could be. Someone have some near problem or experience with that problem?

I used that software in mint installation on terminal sucess and it doesn't help,when usedthat repair software in mint.

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