Reinstalled Zorin Core after a year

From my Ventoy thumb drive. Pretty easy. Tried Fedora for a day but couldn't stand it.

Had to reinstall:

*Chrome (from web site)
*Extension Manager
*Input Remapper
*Shell Restarter extension
*Weather in the Clock extension
*Clipboard Indicator extension
*Tiling Assistant extension
*Shutdown Timer extension
*Turned on Workspace Indicator extension
*Enlarged fonts in Tweaks to 1.05
*Swapped Caps Lock and Esc in Tweaks
*Turned off Attach Modal Dialogues in Tweaks
*Moved Super key to right in Tweaks
*Enlarged Cursor to medium
*Installed nautilus-admin
*Turned on Sound Keys
*Turned off Auto Screen lock
*Installed numlockx
*Opened firewall ports for Zorin Connect and Plex
*Set clock to AM/PM and added day of week
*Reloaded my wallpapers from Google Drive
*Made Chrome website shortcuts
*Rearranged Taskbar

Running perfect.

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Fedora is pretty annoying but Nobara is great.

Fedora is great once you get it setup and I definitely prefer it to any Arch distro. But that setup can be an absolute pain.

Nobara eliminates a lot of the annoyance at the cost of delayed upgrades to new versions

*Most apps in Fedora don't respect dark mode. You can force them to be dark permanently after some trouble.

*There doesn't seem to be a UI for the firewall. Even after installing one I couldn't figure it out.

*Can't seem to install nautilus-admin.

*Stock Gnome initially seems cool but all that zooming gets annoying. Zorin's wallpaper doesn't move at all.

For most people I don’t recommend Fedora as it gets major upgrades to often that can cause issues. I like long term stability.

Also 100% stock Gnome is definitely not ideal.

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Can you gived 2 cent why nobara is better? I have fedora cinnamon but it hard store, most all installation from fedora terminal.

Nobara just has a lot of fixes installed by default that Fedora does not. It does not do anything that can not be done on Fedora itself but it has them by default. Fedora is not allowed to ship a lot of non-free drivers/software that Nobara does.

Long list of differences from the Nobara team are listed on the homepage of their website.

As I mentioned before the biggest drawback to Nobara is it takes a month or 2 after Fedora releases for them to update Nobara to the latest version

Them Nobara double check if it working?
Security still on the top lime Nobara? When i installed fedora it gived me two Bugs openkeys and another with systemd. Selinux gived me some warning. Who i can trust?

Security would be the same as Fedora the goal is to be 100% compatible with Fedora.

Nobara is basically Fedora with more drivers, patches and some custom applications.

Nobara is one person, Fedora is from Red hat. Where is the fish?

Sorry, I am not grasping what you are asking. Can you reword it please?

Nobara this is distribution with one person Nobara Project, Thomas Crider.
Fedora is a Red Hat - big american corporation.
I mean the two diffrent distributions. One is Nobara where is one a man.
Fedora is a sister a bigger corporation a bigger mother Red Hat.

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Yeah. That is true. Yesterday installed a Fedora but it gived me every day new bugs. Here is example.

When i started installing a Fedora it also gived me some bugs with openkeys and systemd problems.
How it possible when you starting installing Fedora and gived your problems?

Now I have a checklist of stuff to install, LOL.

I'm trying Wayland again and so far, no probs. Kazaam doesn't work on Wayland tho. Gnome has a built in screen recorder but vids can be choppy. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+r.

Anyway, it's probably good to do a reinstall of Zorin after half a year.

One of these days I'm gonna figure out how to install Home on my HDD. Right now, I have a parallel set of folders where I keep my larger and older stuff.

The one advantage of having the latest Gnome is the large thumbnails in the file picker. But it's pretty easy to just drag and drop files from Pictures into Pinta (or Gimp). I also do that with Imgur. Protip: You can d/l all of your Imgur images by going to settings/download account images.

I haven’t used straight Fedora outside of minor testing in a long time.

Nobara never really gave me any issues when I ran it for a good while. But I would think the issues you are having would also exist on Nobara.

Wayland on Zorin?

Outside of some minor incompatibilities I haven’t had any issues with Wayland on distros that are using it.

Here what i have problem with gpu.

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