Related to gaming in zorin (fps fluctuation)

Hi I am using zorin on my laptop. Its specs are i5 2520m 4gb ram intel hd 3000 graphics. I get frequent fps drops in minecraft. Sometimes the fps is high and sometimes it fluctuates reaching around 10-20. I switched from windows to zorin because I could install the latest version but even the older versions donot run well.

I use optfine. I get around 100-130 fps in 1.8.9 and around 60 fps in 1.19.4 but the main problem is the fps reaches 10-20 after sometimes.

I am currently using the Zorin 16.2.

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You can try sodium instead of optifine and see if it helps

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Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you, I'll try that out.

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Btw you need fabric to install sodium

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