Release of new ZorinOS version - any estimate?

Hello guys. As i was looking at Zorin’s release cadence it seems that we may expect next release sometimes May/June. Could someone confirm this is in the ballpark?
Thank you


Well, if that release estimation is true, then its far too long for me.

I’ve run into a new issue that I wasn’t expecting. Under Zorin OS 12.04, using Ubuntu 16.04 as its base, I am unable to install the latest available Nvidia drivers, the OS is simply no longer supported.

Rather jumping onto Zorin OS 15.3 for my main rig, I wanted to wait till Zorin OS 16 came out. I worry weather or not I can get the latest Nvidia 460 driver with Zorin OS 15.3 with Ubuntu 18.4 as its base.

I don’t really want to install OS 15.3 just to find out the answer to that. And unfortunately, we have very few gamers in here who could chime in with that info. I am going to do a google search and see if I can find out any info.

You can. And Zorin OS is currently a high enough available kernel. A bit above, actually.

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Hey buddy, I was just thinking about you. I remember you talking about your experience in having fun with Linux Mint. I started looking at a couple of distro’s that are popular with gamers. Pop OS and Mint are among that popular list.

I realized that I didn’t really explain why I need to be able to install the latest Nvidia driver for Linux. Its because, if I chose to go with a notebook that has an Nvidia 3080 GPU, then I need to install the latest driver, in order to utilize that GPU.

Now you say Zorin OS 15.3 will allow me to install the 460 driver? Well thats certainly good news! Thing is though, with OS 16 right around the corner, I’d rather not purchase OS 15.3 Ultimate, and then purchase OS 16 Ultimate shortly after.

Yes for those who don’t know, I always purchase the ultimate editions of Zorin OS, I did originally with OS 9, then OS 12 after. I like the added features, extra software, and games that comes with ultimate. Plus it supports the devs.

Was just discussing this issue here: