Release Zorin OS 16

I would assume Zorin OS 16 final to be released start of August, with maybe 1 more beta release, idk just me, don't take this as fact

All dates that can be given regarding the release of the stable version are approximate.
The important thing is that the release contains very few problems (bugs).
You have to consider that very few people work around this project (much less than the Linux Mint stable team, for example).
Now, erring on the side of optimism, taking into account what is happening in Github, I still believe that the stable version will be released this month, July. Let's hope so because during this month I'm having a birthday. It would be a nice present.


This may be a clue. From Zorin OS twitter.


From the looks of it, at the moment, they are focused on fixing some issues with zorin-icon-themes.
Thanks for the info.

We could always just take wild guesses or make bold predictions...

I'm going with August 7th. What's your guess?

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From everything I have been able to observe, I still think it is more likely that the stable version will be released in July.
It would be great if it came out on July 26, since it's my birthday.
I am so looking forward to it that I even ordered the birthday cake to have the Zorin Os logo on it.


I used to look for my birthday till I hit a certain age :wink:


Seeing 3 Replies I thought it was launched.

Well. Four replies, now.:expressionless:

Zorin OS users can sign up for the mailing list where ZorinGroup will throw an email your way notifying of new releases. I have been on the mailing list since I first started using Zorin OS and I have only ever gotten notifications for new releases.

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While we now know the exact day of @alexandros's birthday, we still do not know the official release date for Zorin 16 :wink:


Where's the Bookies?
My guess is August 8th.

My guess is 7 days from now. 22. July

Do you think they will avoid Friday 13th. i.e. Friday 13th August? :thinking:

FrenchPress.. Something tells me if we were on Let's Make a Deal, you would bid $1 more then the highest

Looking at past history, the Zorin Bro's seem to like to make sure it's the best it can be before they release it. Not saying perfectionist. But
Plus, I'd bet Ubuntu has been making tweaks since their release, which just adds to the Zorin workload.

Alexandros, Happy soon to be Birthday. Cause I ain't going to
Zab, that would be a Great release date. I like irony.
Aravisian, I bet everyone is searching for that link now....

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Thank you very much for your greetings.

Ah, you must have been my competitor when I was bidding at the evilBay lat time :rofl:

I am a snipe bidder (last minute bidder) on that platform, as well. A bit of hypocrisy, since I am also a seller.

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Zorin OS in Launchpad
You can get source code for Zorin OS from here. image
Above Image is from the same website (Under Zorin OS Apps) and you can see GameHub over there .If I am right we could get gamehub out of the box for Zorin OS 16. (I haven't used this). Gaming on ZOrin made easy it seems. @Storm you may like GameHub.
This is under Zorin OS stable. May be we are very nearing to the release. I think Zorin OS 16 is ready and they are making posters and websites it seems.
Just for fun: When's Z16 being released
@storm You may want to be a little optimist. You may change your vote :wink:


Never! I'm striking a fortune on that poll :smiley:

When can I expect the Zorin OS 16 release? I am waiting to upgrade to ubuntu 20.04. I also have thoughts to install Pop OS but if Zorin 16 is going to be coming soon, I want to stick to Zorin in that case.

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