Release Zorin OS 16

Is there any prediction of when it will be released in the stable version of zorin os 16?

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Hi and welcome!

A quick google search could have helped you find an answer to your question. If you would have googled "ZorinOS 16 release" one of the first results would have revealed, without even opening the website, that the expected launch date is around June - July this year.

I hope I could help.

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Googling led to this: A first look at what is new in Zorin OS 16 Beta - Real Linux User

A pleasant article.

Release dates can change and an article from January, for example, may not relay accurate information. I think it's a fine thing to directly ask on the Zorin Forum.


Yes, i could have researched in English.
I do not know English. all of my research I did was in Portuguese. so it would be more difficult to find.


@Aravisian Would you know if version 16 will feature the Lite edition?

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This has been asked in the other thread, but I will answer it here as well. Yes, OS 16 will feature a LITE version a few months later. I think the first edition will only be ULTIMATE though, the paid version. I could be wrong though, CORE could also be releaseing then.

For users who don't upgrade to OS 16 right away, later in the year, they will have an upgrade functionality added where you can simply upgrade from OS 15.3 to 16 withought having to install new.

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