Release Zorin OS 16

What you mean? The layout?

Yes, just for a few touches, I cannot install it all over again :neutral_face:

When I set my Z16 beta up for Mac, I simple moved the taskbar up and install plank (which gives a nice hoover effect).

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What about turning Core to Pro :rofl:

Isn't that the minimal installation for?

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It's alive! It's ALIVE! MUWHAHAHAHA!!!

ehem... I'm on Zorin 16 Pro now. :slight_smile:


Downloading core, really wanted to get the pro, however broke as ■■■■. :confused:

Zorin OS 16 is lookin' really great...
But to be honest... I really coulda used a little more cowbell.

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Minimal installation of Pro is like core. But you still get all the cool layouts.

More minimal than core, even.

Feeling at home!

Zorin 16 Pro installed and configured. Quite happy!

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Yes, and I believe Lite does, as well.
In fact, I recall Zorin OS 12 and 15 having the option in the Ubiquity installer for Minimal Installation. I am sure of 15, less sure of 12.

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A local library used a similar Linux OS. They used a Windows style Theme to make it look a lot like Windows and locked it down further with basic Parental Controls to keep visitors from wandering outside of their scope. It was interesting to see how many people never realized it was a Linux run machine that they were using.

Downloading Z16 Pro right now! :+1: :+1: :+1: Only 1 hour to go :sob: :sob: :sob:

Update: it went from 1 hour to 7 minutes in 2 minutes! Woohoo!!!

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I just downloaded it and have the install media ready to go, though have too many other things to do. I've been checking on the release status for quite some time, so I'm pretty excited.

I should do a touchdown dance in pajamas like in those lame old iPhone commercials. hehe


I don't know whether its only for me, try moving mouse to the top left corner when an app is opened, it will open activites. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Your Hot corner is turned on in Zorin Apperance


Happy for you guys, but it seem to be buggy .. I really am wondering what going on here!. Made a while since I was not baffle like this on why I cannot install, not even boot a linux OS

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
After all this waiting I can't have it, not really
the consensus seems to be that Pro V is way better; and I live in Iran can't have international transactions.
the other day I found a 3rd party that would do it for the equivalent price of 2x of my hardware, the price of the CPU of my PC in Amazon, (Corei78th) right now is 600$
defaq I'm gonna do
Three four years ago I could pay the price HAPPILY and easily
hell I can't even find a way to pay for it; the price is worth it