[Released 12/9/21] Zorin OS 16 Lite?

Or maybe it would be a Christmas gift! :gift: :santa:


Yes that would be awesome! (I won't do the tradional Santa laugh here as my post may get banned :joy::santa:).


Oh no, not at all. The post won't get banned.

You, on the other hand...



I have already posted this in another thread, but you can write his laugh in a different way to evade the Forum Artificial (un)Intelligence.

(Hydrogen + Oxygen) x 3


Correction TDodd, being released TODAY would be awesome...lol
I know you, along with many others are right their along side me in the
waiting process... And it's not fun.

However, it's a bit more tolerable sharing the pain with others on the forum.
Shared misery helps me get through it...lol

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Should we take a poll on this..?? Haha

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Everybody who agrees that Aravisian is stalking, please say intruder.




This is a statement.


I have this internal hunch, he is just as anxious as the rest of us for Lite...
And being he's a huge XFCE guy, and a critical thinker, I look forward to hearing his thoughts and tweaks on lite after it comes out.


Thanks jeff; I admit I was getting a little bit self-conscious, there...


Yes it becomes easier when we talk and have fun with like minded people like yourself and others. It is too bad we cannot have a big party when it finally gets released. I really mean this.

No... I cannot have that! How about I just say Merry Christmas and Happy Lite Day har, har, har?

I think we all appreciate your efforts for us to not give up hope.

Piracy will not be tolerated on this forum.


This is so funny... and very useful information!


I think you said "heh heh heh" so I was forced to go with "har har har" :grin:

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For new version Zorin we waiting many time. Gived brothers a time to release a good version xfce to gived us good product like a new version Zorin 16 Pro. Patient gived us good suprise. Now is coming christmas time - we all know how it looks.
https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.linuxliteos.com/&ved=2ahUKEwj1nPC2p8H0AhWLAhAIHSGbCe4QFnoECAUQAQ&usg=AOvVaw23gN1GwyYKKbiGuCybHpGt here is Linux lite but not Zorin.

I have Linux Lite installed on my 11 years old netbook.
Atom CPU + 2GB RAM
Running at a reasonable speed as long as I do not use any heavy software.

I seen some Linux distribution better working on NVIDIA od AMD. I was also xfce and core have another gui mate os on zorin core. Then some desktop have better build and more stable?

I know several of you follow the Linux Universe closer than I do. Me not really following along at all. Then there's those like Aravisian that does, due to the fact he's a theme creator and needs to know what's going on to make his themes work. And several others follow for they do also do similar things. So all this is leading to what I think is a legit question....
What has been happening lately in the XFCE universe, that has prolonged the release of Lite. I recall seeing several post mentioning different changes. I'm just trying to come from a place of understanding.