Remote control from a windows PC

Is there a better remote desktop server / client I can use.

I've installed tightvncserver and connect to it over an ssh tunnel using ssh keys but it looks a bit basic (see picture). There are no decorations like minimise or close buttons, although the web browser runs quite fast.

Is there a better alternative ideally an RDP server.

Well, you could always use SAMBA sharing using Nautilus. But it isn't setup out of the box, you will have to install stuff and set stuff up. But that is how I did networking back in the day when I used to share files in between Linux and Windows machines.

I gotta say, due to Linux file system structure and security, trying to interface those two systems so that they work correctly, is harder then one might think. But ya, last time I did this was via SAMBA sharing, in GUI nautilus.

I never used terminal or anything that looks or acts like it to do file sharing. And I still wouldn't today, as I am not a network IT professional.
You can watch any of those video's found in search, at least one of them should help you in setting things up.

we might be talking at cross purposes. What I want is to get the zorin desktop on my windows PC ideally using the RDP (Remote desktop client) I can share files without any problem using NFS or ISCSI with my NAS.

This is VNC running on a raspberry Pi. I want this sort of desktop I want back from Zorin

Like this?

Thanks. I tried that but received a black screen as in that tutorial. So I created a new remote user and it seems to work. xrdp doesn't seem to like connecting to the same account that is either logged on locally or using vnc.

I've learnt something today. I just needed a prod in the right direction, thanks

Glad you were able to make it work in the end. :+1:

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