Remote Desktop Connection

I have recently started a help ticket about how to create an Remote Desktop Connection to the inventory server where I work, and have not received a reply other than an automated response. Is there a way to achieve this on the Zorin OS?

What operating system is the Inventory server running on?
Are you authenticated to access that server?
Right off the bat, I will say that given the responses to the above question it is very likely possible. I also am NOT the expert on remote connections and anything I provide will likely be from searching for answers…
I won’t even remote connect to my printer. I cable that beast.

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HAHAHA!!! Thank you for the response. I hear ya! I’m still digging, but it’s hard to do while I’m at work. The server is based on Windows7-10. Yes I have a UN and PW for the system. I had a spare laptop, and figured I could be mobile while doing inventory as the PCs here are stationary. I have to fill out sheets, and then input them afterward. Would be so much easier to do it in place. I’m working on it. Thanks again.

Have you looked into Samba?

do you want to connect to a remote desktop from zorin?

I will now.

No. It’s a part’s View system. A unit in our office acts as a server hub for the parts management service. When you sign in via a remote desktop connection, it opens up a virtual interface where you sign in, and browse the inventory etc. Capture Sign in here with the IP or portal name, and then it opens the virtual interface.

Ah, you are trying to connect to the already set-up Windows RDP.

You can ignore the top part about installing XFCE4 and XFCE Goodies package.

Looked into it, and that has nothing to do with what I need. Thanks though.

Thank you, I will try this, and let you know if it works. Thank you very much.

Yeah…that’s not happening. I don’t think Zorin is compatible. Just gives me errors. Not going to mess with that. It’s above my pay grade.

Not sure if I’m understanding your question, but Remmina is built into Zorin I think. Will that work?

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do you want to connect from zorin to a windows (virtual or real machine, doesn’t matter) or do you want to connect from windows to zorin?

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if you need to connect from zorin to windows then you can do it as edisondotme described. Use remmina. Select RDP as protocol. in “Server” you write what you would write in “Computer” or the IP address of the host. Domain, username and password is what you need. the other properties are just settings which you can change later, like screen size, scaling, etc. things related how the remote windows appears


At this moment the problem is solved. I downloaded and installed KRDC. Works, but is a little laggy when viewing the part photos. Other than that it does what I need it to do. Thanks for all the help.

I sure do