Remote Desktop Setup Help

I'm looking for the easiest / best way to setup remote desktop / screen sharing.
Currently i have enabled it on the machine running zorin os 16 pro in settings however i am having difficulty connecting.

Do these settings look correct? am i using the wrong client?
Also will this work over the internet if i portfoward whatever port this uses?

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Remmina is an application that you can use to connect to a Remote desktop, it does not provide a server function for that.

If you would like to connect to your Zorin OS via remote, then the best and easiest way would be to instal VNC.

There is also a way to use RDP connection:

In case you want to connect to a server using RDP, then Remmina is the right application for that.

Port forwarding RDP ports is not recommended, because exposing RDP ports to the internet is a security risk. I would suggest you use a VPN server and client.


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