Remove duplicate application link from Ztart menu

I have 2 telegram options under +internet. When I click on one and say details it comes up and says "no details found" and when I click on the other one it shows me the software from the software installation window.

How do I remove the duplicate?

Okay, Right Click on the one "which does not works", there should be option Saying (edit application or open file location) basically we need the location of the file which does not work :smile:

Now, if you have the location of the file ex:- opt/ etc Use your File Manager to Guide yourself to that Location and delete the File "Which Does Not Work".
This Should Remove the Clone :wink:


Not in Zorin.. You do have Zorin installed right? In Zorin you get

New Window
Quit Telegram
Add to Favories
Show Details
Add to Desktop

Show details does not show location or anything it shows you in the Software installer area about the program itself.

Sorry, You are Using Core Version. So,


You know I looked there, but I only found one so I moved along.


What about Show Details Option, Can you Provide a Screenshot?


for one it show details, the other:

it's so easy in zorin lite xfce, u will search for menueditor(menulibre) in task menu, and u type the name of app u want delete , or u can find it in his catogriy in menulibre, Is menueditor(menulibre) exsits in zorin core?

actually it is really easy in core as well if you know what to look for.. I found it.. Click Ztart and then "System Tools" then "Main Menu"

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good , mark your answer as solution, so others can get guide from it

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