Remove unwanted icons from menu

Hello guys,
I am using Telegram on AppImage, since I change the source of the application, there are several icons on the menu, how can I remove those unwanted icons?
Thanks for your attention

Screenshot from 2023-06-02 09-12-14

You can go to main menu app and disable the ones which you don't want to appear.


Thanks, It works for Zorin menu but how about Gnome grid?!
Anyway, I don't use Gnome grid a lot

You can disable it from showing in gnome application menu by:
-Run this command in terminal - sudo nautilus
-Head over to usr/share/applications.
-There youll see app files with .desktop extension.
-Open the .desktop file of whichever app you wanna disable and just add this line to it -


I use gnome application grid and this method works very well for me.

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I did that, and I could remove one of three icons, I remove telegram.desktop, and I still have those two icons

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