Remove unwanted icons from menu

Hello guys,
I am using Telegram on AppImage, since I change the source of the application, there are several icons on the menu, how can I remove those unwanted icons?
Thanks for your attention

Screenshot from 2023-06-02 09-12-14

You can go to main menu app and disable the ones which you don't want to appear.


Thanks, It works for Zorin menu but how about Gnome grid?!
Anyway, I don't use Gnome grid a lot

You can disable it from showing in gnome application menu by:
-Run this command in terminal - sudo nautilus
-Head over to usr/share/applications.
-There youll see app files with .desktop extension.
-Open the .desktop file of whichever app you wanna disable and just add this line to it -


I use gnome application grid and this method works very well for me.

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I did that, and I could remove one of three icons, I remove telegram.desktop, and I still have those two icons

As these are also in /usr/share/applications, they are most likely somewhere else. You can copy them to the desktop directory and make the modification as mentioned above by jayesh, this will be the last .desktop to be read and followed. Deleting them will not get the result you want.

Any modifications saved in home are the preferences followed by applications. So an app with "no-window-border" set will do just that for your session.

Anyone else who logs in will still have the border unless they choose to do the same. /usr/share/ is a global directory that will effect app users. ~/desktop will only effect your user.

Modify, don't delete.