Remove user password in Zorin os 16

Please advice me how to remove or disable user password in Zorin 16 os ?

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It is strongly advised to not remove the password on your system as it is integral to your system security.


So you want to let the door be open 24/7 to your house so everybody can valse in and grab what they want?


I'm sorry Tom but i can't agree with you. The only safe system is one that never sees the internet. Anyone will be able to execute scripts, sudo and any other command they want in his system without a password. It's no worse than giving someone windows with a Trojan, backdoor and key logger preinstalled (you know the basic windows setup). Even enabling the firewall at this point would be pointless. All because they don't like that they have to approve installations and configuration changes? After it's all setup you would barely use it... an update on occasion, that's it. Why remove it?

Microsoft refers to Admin or Administration Privileges instead of Root or Sudo - same thing, really.
It asks for a password with a prompt for every Admin action.

Windows users are very well familiar with the Admin password Prompt.

I mistook your removal of the login (bypassing the login screen on boot) for removing all password checks. My mistake.

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