Remove virtual keyboard


On 16.2 Core and I want to remove the virtual keyboard via the command line.

Spent stupid amounts of time on google but nothing works.

Looked at but have no clue how to run this.

Tried gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-keyboard-enabled false but no joy

So just wanting a simple command line command to remove it (i.e. apt remove xxx)



Gday @BluckMutter , Welcome to the community!
Try this

Hope this helps

I do not use Gnome, so I am not up to date as to whether this will work:

sudo apt remove caribou

If was enabled by mistake you should disable it on Settings > Accessibility > disable On-screen Keyboard. This is about the system default virtual keyboard option, I don't know if you installed a virtual keyboard yourself.

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Looking this up, it appears a common problem on Gnome that for Touchscreens, it automatically enables Caribou- but does not respect settings to disable it.

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