Removing other Linux OS from Zorin

Hello before installing Zorin, I installed Linux Deepin alongside windows.
So now I have Windows, Deepin, and Zorin on my PC.
I Installed them on separate disk, 1 SSD for windows, another SSD for Zorin, and Deepin on HDD.

So, how do I remove Deepin completely and safely from Zorin?

You can use the Partition manager Gparted to delete the Deepin partitions using the (-) button after selecting those partitions.
This space will then be listed as Free Space. You can format it or reclaim it by resizing (moving) an adjacent partition into that free space.


You may also choose to repurpose the unallocated space for your home directory. This would decrease your system size and provide more space for what you enjoy collecting (data, images, videos..) as well as more space in system for applications and games.

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Deepin OS listed on my zorin boot menu. Will it also removed automatically if I delete deepin partitions?

If they share the same EFI boot directory, yes. If not, you will have to remove the other EFI directory or it will still show as avaliable.

And, you can manage this using the command efibootmgr in terminal.