Rename a file

Most file managers offer rename on right click. Are you not seeing this in Nautilus (Gnome's file manager)?

Yes it is, i don't think you understand me.

  1. In windows when you double click on a file you can rename the file you clicked on -> and this part

  2. When you click with the mouse anywhere after renaming the file it will change the name. In Zorin OS when you click anywhere it does not rename anything, it reverts back to the old.

That should not happen and it does not work that way on mine...

If I right click (Double click opens the file, on Linux and on Windows) and select rename - I can type in the New name and hit enter to save it or I can click off anywhere with the mouse and the new name stays.
I use Nemo File manager.

Ok, I just tested this in Caja, Nemo, Thunar and Nautilus.
It works on all of them except Nautilus.

Just as yet another example of Gnome Being Gnome.
Always removing functionality.

So this is a gnome issue ? can i switch ?

You have many options, fortunately. Since Linux is mostly modular.

I use Nemo for a large number of good reasons, so of course, I recommend it over others.
I also like SpaceFm a lot.
You can install either with

sudo apt install nemo


sudo apt install spacefm

Nemo will bring a lot of dependencies, but it's not something to worry about as they bring a lot of Desktop Functionality along with it.

If you really want to go above and beyond... I installed Nemo 5 from the Testing Repo and it is incredible, even offering a Content Search that is fast and easy.

If you mean switch from Gnome Desktop - you can install most any other desktop you want.
KDE Plasma

I have installed all of the above on Zorin OS at one time or another and currently have XFCE and Cinnamon.
LXDE-gtk3 is very surprisingly good and I wrote up a review on it here on the forum somewhere.

Well i meant switching file manager. I can delete Nautilus ? and use a Nemo ?

As for the Gnome desktop, yeah maybe i might switch some day. I need to get guides through that. I want to test Cinnamon and KDE Plasma in the future. As i used Mint 17 with Cinnamon in the past and had a nice taskbar on it.

You can install nemo with the command above- no need to delete Nautilus and I do not recommend trying to as it may try to take interdependent files with it.
If you want, you can set Nemo as your Default File Manager:

xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search


gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false

gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons true

In future;
You can install the Cinnamon Desktop with (minimalist)

sudo apt install cinnamon

sudo apt install cinnamon-core

Or full:

sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

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And if i install cinnamon, how can i use it ? Do i need anything else ? Mint used in the past mdm or lightdm if i remember it right

Windows, click on the file, pause, click again and it move to rename mode. Press F2 to rename a file or right click and click on rename.

Linux you can also press F2 to rename, I don't think click, pause, click works, but right click and rename does.

Both Windows and Linux, double clicking runs the default verb (Windows OLE (object Linking and Embedding) open, print, edit) for the file type.

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I strongly prefer LightDM. It is more configurable, better looking and much less buggy. It is also very user friendly.
You can install and configure it with

sudo apt install lightdm

Also grab:

sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

How to use Cinnamon on Zorin:
Log out
Select your desktop chooser at the login screen and select Cinnamon
Log in


I think Dolphin also don't have it by default, but you can install extensions.

You can edit the file name just as you describe, but the clicks must be in the file name, just as in windows. Hitting enter or clicking outside after editing that way does keep the change.

When you right click and rename you must hit the ok or save option presented by the dialog. This windows "feature" makes people lazy. I got used to just hitting enter when i was done so i didn't have to traverse with the mouse... it works and your hand is already there... that's proficient!

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Do i need to delete the default one in zorin ? How do i switch to lightdm ?

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When you install it, the terminal will change to a Configuration Window during the installation with a series of prompts, asking if you wish to change the default to LightDM, etc. Follow the prompts to configure it. You will not need to delete or remove anything.


Alright thanks for the info, will store them and try them in the future :+1:t2:.

Maybe i should use my wife's older notebook to test things like this out :joy::sweat_smile:


Sure, but only if you want to get on her Good Side. :smiley:


And how to switch back to stock ? if lightdm has issues (just incase)

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sudo apt install gdm

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@Aravisian, thanks for the info! I can delete LightDM after install of gdm?

I have another question and i just ask it here. In file manager when there a multiple files, how i can select all of them at once using my mouse ??? i can't get this done in zorin os.

Sample in Windows (25 - 30 sec): How to Select Multiple Files and Folders in Microsoft Windows Tutorial - YouTube

Yes, you can remove it with the sudo apt remove command.

Exactly as it shows in your video sample for MS Windows.
It's the same. The action is called "Rubberband" (As if putting a rubberband around all the files).
I just double-checked that it works in Nautilus - and it works normally on my machine.

You may need to start a new thread on this issue if the above answer is not working out.