Taskbar i used in Mint 17.x available for zorin os 16?

Hi all,

Back in 2014 i tried mint 17 cinnamon for a couple of months and after some freezing issues i switched back to windows (also duo lack of game support back then). I found a old screenshot of my desktop back then, is it possible to get that taskbar in zorin os ?

It is 100% possible in Zorin OS Lite with XFCE or Zorin OS with Cinnamon.

I'm less certain about getting Gnome-Shell (Zorin Core) to take to it, though. Someone better than I with Gnome might be able to.

Let's ask @Storm. He probably know's about this. Also what is the name of that taskbar ??? i can't find it anywhere in the mint forum.

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I'd like to know, too. I think I could make that Cinnamon theme in under an hour. :smiley:

I think i found it

Light void: Download Void Linux 1.8

Dark void: Download Dark Void Cinnamon Linux 1.8

Clean void: GitHub - flxo/CleanVoid: Clean Cinnamon theme derived from Void

Spider void: Themes : Spider-Void : Cinnamon Spices

Think i will switch to cinnamon :sunglasses:. Light void is the one i used :sunglasses:

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