Renamed download folder now can't download

Made a real mistake. I renamed a lot of the folders, i.e. Desktop, Downloads, Music, and video. Then I realized that Zorin did not track the changes. So I renamed them back to their original names, but links are broken. Now when I click on the Zorin icon (bottom left) the only folders it shows (recognizes) is Home and Music. How can I relink Desktop and Download folders? I sure don't want to have to "reinstall". Thank You!

Have a look at ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and change it back. It should look like;

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Thank you Storm. I appreciate your response. I would know how to find /.config/user-dirs.dirs in Windows. But very new to Zorin. Where and how do I find config/user?

You need to set Nautilus file-browser to see hidden files. The dot infront of its name indicate that it's a hidden file or folder.

How do I set Nautilus file-browser?

There should be a burger menu in Nautilus where you can set to see hidden files.

Got it! What I did was I created a new user. Then went into the new user, HOME, and showed hidden files and I found that directory you mentioned. So I logged out of new user, re-logged in using my user ID, went to Home and showed hidden files and I found the directory you mentioned. Then I copied your info to replace mine and saved. It worked. Didn't install Nautilus, just used the file explorer that came with Zorin. Thank you Storm for your help!

Not familiar with the terminology. I didn't know that "File" = "Nautilus" and I didn't know that the 3 horizontal lines to indicate a menu was called a "Hamburger menu". I also didn't understand the hidden files I was searching for were in the Home folder. I am learning! Thanks again!

There is a simpler method, Ctrl+ H. :wink:

Yes. I just tried Ctrl+H and that worked great. It is indeed quicker, but it is good for me to know both menu and shortcut. Thank You!