Render issue in the forum or my browser?

I just noticed a bug in another thread and I was wondering if it's just me or something with the forums. I've only seen it now and only in this particular thread, so I don't know if it's maybe my browser as I've just changed to KDE.


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I saw it often, since some months yet, but I don't know why such shape. Also, opening some users' avatar you should see the container bounce up and down. I'm not sure if someone already saw this, too. Maybe I should record it, it can also be an issue only on my side.

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My personal experience is that when I switched Firefox from release to ESR, I stopped seeing rendering bugs. Perhaps because the browser is not updated as often, it has become more stable.

Now, the browser's rendering is so sensitive that I have given up on user CSS.

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Would you recommend ESR rather than the main version? I never really understood clearly the difference between them.

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I would.


Not that I am confident, but I personally do so because I can't be bothered with trivial new features.

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That's strange I wasn't seeing things like this before, but I guess I will give ESR a try. As I'm planning to give Debian 12 a try on my main machine I might just go ahead and try that.

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