Replace Ubuntu with Zorin without affecting user data

I have a dual boot system running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.10 each in their own SSDs. I am planning to switch my Ubuntu installation with Zorin. Is there a way to replace Ubuntu without affecting my data? (Also, I don't want to disturb my W10).
I know some basic terminal commands but I am not a Linux mastermind. Please, suggest safe and easier ways without a lot of terminal command operations.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can copy everything under your Home directory to save your personal data.

As for Windows installation, there is an option to install Zorin alongside with a pre-existing Windows.

Before you make this big move, I recommend you to make an entire disk image backup using Rescuezilla for just in case anything goes wrong.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I was wondering if there is a way to partition the Ubuntu installation drive and install Zorin over the Ubuntu root directory and leave the rest of the drive untouched.

You should be able to delete Ubuntu partition from a Live USB session using Gparted.
In theory, the same could be done from Windows side, but I've never doe it myself.

I think it is impossible. While Zorin is based on Ubuntu, it is a totally different operating system.

Hi FrenchPress, just wanted to install Ubuntu alongside Zorin OS. I have left 500 GB for Ubuntu and 500 GB for Zorin OS. The thing i want to know is that after installing ubuntu on another partition beside zorin os, will the grub of ubuntu/zorin work properly without clashing with each others grub

I am doing this on my personal computer, which has many files. Henceforth i don't want any file loss :slight_smile:

What I meant is to delete the Ubuntu root directory and assign that space for Zorin's root directory.

I thought that process might simplify things.

Welcome to the community @Gekkouga. I wanted to do the exact opposite of which you are asking :wink:, except removing Zorin.

You can follow my advice above regarding making a back up of the entire Home folder and Rescuezilla image backup before initiating making a big move.

Rescuezilla seems difficult :thinking:, or else they have not mentioned the steps in an easy manner

While no one will stop you to do your experiment, I do not think it is workable.

And will Rescuezilla back up all my files and stuff

It will.
But it can only restore the disk as a whole image.
It is not possible to pick and chose what you want to restore.
It is works like a Time-machine in macOS to revert back to how things were before the any changes made.

hmm... so for example if i backup there and if i want to restore it, then what will be its process

I am in a hurry just because i wanted to use Ubuntu with GNOME 40 :wink:

You should check the Rescuezilla site I gave above.
There is a good tutorial which I see no point for me to repeat here.

Oh thank you so much. One last thing, after installing ubuntu in another partition, will it's grub clash with zorin os' grub

"Hurry" is a main ingredient of a recipe for disaster.

Take your time and try to understand the whole procedure before jumping into making any major changes unless you are under the gun point (and I assume you are not).

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Yup of course not :joy: