Replace zorin 15 with zorin 16

hi! I have dual boot in one PC, one partition with Win10 and another with Zorin 15.

I wanna replace Zorin 15 with Zorin 16 but i have a doubt

Is the second option the rigth one for me? I just wanna replace the 15 version. Because i dont wanna loose Win10 because is the OS that uses my wife and kids.

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The second Option will erase Windows. Do Not Select that.

You must select the last option: Something Else.
This will open a partition Manager. From there, click on the partition that contains Zorin OS 15 to select it. Now click the button marked with a - sign to delete that partition.
The partition manager will then show that partition as Free Space. Click on that free space to select it.
Now click on the button marked with a + sign to Add that Partition. It will then display prompts- follow the prompts to continue.


Thanks. When i replace Ubuntu with Zorin OS the options were diferent, i dont remember well but i manage to mantain Win10

One more question: You mentioned to create a new partition and install a new OS. On their website they write the same:

After restarting into your new installation of Zorin OS, you may now copy the data from your previous installation of Zorin OS. Transfer the files you saved to your external hard drive or cloud storage service onto your new installation.

But what about the installed programs and settings?
Is there no way to update?
Will there be an update from Zorin OS 16 beta to OS 16?

I believe Beta updates to Z OS 16 when It is released.

You can move your ~/.config folder to the new installation. Any programs installed to Root will need to be reinstalled.
I have learned that if I don't remember to install it after reloading the OS, I probably don't need it. If I do need it, I remember it when the need for it arises.