Replacing Elementary

I have a Mac with three boots, I have Mint, MacOS and Elementary. I want to install Zorin in place of Elementary. However when I boot and run the installer I select installation type "Something Else", then I am presented with a list of partitions and I can see the partition with Elementary in it so I select that. Then I have to choose a partition for the "Device for Boot loader" installation and I don't know what I should select there.

If I select the correct place for the boot loader and click install now will it overwrite Elementary and will it preserve my triple boot?

The bootloader should be placed where the EFI partition is and that contains the bootloaders for all OS's installed, including Windows or Mac if in use.

For certainty; you can post a screenshot of your partitions with Gparted open for members of the forum to confirm the partition.

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I have messed things up a bit. I formated the Elementary partition and installed the bootloader in the EFI partition.

When I re-boot the machine i can see three images, Zorin, MacOs and Mint. I can boot into both Zorin and Mac but I cannot access Mint at all it just hangs if I select the Mint partition.

Is there anything I can do to restore this? It was triple booting perfectly with Elementary, Mac and Mint. All I wanted to do was replace Elementary with Zorin.

There really is not a lot of information here as to why Mint might freeze on loading... But the first thing I would try is ensuring that grub is fully up to par using Grub Repair:

This should resolve most boot issues and if it does not, the log generated can be instrumental in troubleshooting.

Brilliant, thanks.