Replacing Zorin 15.x Pro with Zorin 17.1 Pro

I am trying to figure out how to install Zorin 17. Pro over an existing version of Zorin 15.x Pro. I have several various editions of Linux on a Dell Laptop. I want to completely remove Zorin 15 and replace it with Zorin 17 without damaging the other installs of Linux. I attached a picture of my current partitions. I am trying to use the "Something Else" option but it doesn't seem to recognize where I want "17" installed? Please Help!

Zorin 15 Partition|666x500


So I am assuming that your sda5 partition is the one currently installed with Zorin15? And can we also get an image of what you see when you select "something else" in the install screen? It should be a fairly simple thing to do, just curious as to what the installer is seeing.

In the something else method, it should show all of your partitions, as you have them. Are any of these extended partitions? have you wiped sda5 and formatted it? If it was an extended partition, did you change it to a primary? Is this a GPT formatted disk, or MBR?

I'm sorry there are more questions, but without more information, and not knowing your system, there is little to help us determine the issue. And as applecheeks37 requested, an image of the installer's something else partition choice screen would be helpful.