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I'm using Zorin OS 16 on my work laptop.
I sometimes need to connect to my company's VPN server, using OpenVPN.
However, they recently updated their server and require an OpenVPN version of 2.5 at the minimum.
I was surprised to see that a lot of the official Zorin repositories are still stuck at the Focal Fossa level, and not just for this specific package.
I tried downloading the .deb file directly and installing it, but several dependencies are also outdated or straight out not available with official Zorin repos.
Is there any way to go around this, or a planned update ?
If this becomes a limiting factor for working and safety reasons, I'll regretfully have to migrate to another distro.

Until the next iteration of Zorin (17) is released, the jammy repositories will not be available, as turtle11 has stated. This is unfortunate but unavoidable.

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