Requesting feedback about if a bug has been fixed or not

Had to switch to Linux Mint because of that bug that was forcing locked sessions to close down on Zorin OS Pro 17.1. I did not like losing my work or user sessions (like when I had a browser open or whatever, and I had to leave my PC for a while and come back and see that my login bugged out and I lost my session).

Apparently, that bug has been fixed. Before I reinstall Zorin OS 17.1 Pro, I'd like to know for sure whether or not this particular bug has been fixed in your experience. I don't want to have to go through the trouble of reinstalling Zorin after having installed Linux Mint, only to find out the bug is still causing problems.

Thanks; appreciate it.

P.S.: Where is @Aravisian? Seems he's gone ... ?

Usually when I sign on, I see a ton of his posts show up.

But now? Nothing. Hope he's still around. Very helpful fellow.

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Has the live image been updated?

Also, gotcha about Aravisian. Thanks.

Wanted to come back here now that I'm on my PC. Before, I was on my phone and could only "heart" your response. In any case, I would much prefer to have this kind of bug be fixed and "baked in" inside of the ISO without having to download an update just to have it be fixed on a fresh install. Because this particular bug can take a while (maybe 2 or 3 days or even a week) to pop up, I can't leave a live image running all the time on the PC I use for work and personal use. I could do a dual-boot setup, but then I'd have to go through the trouble of reinstalling Zorin (again) if all seems well. I realize I could delete the Mint partition, but if I'm going to use Zorin as my OS, I'd rather do a fresh install and stick with that. Hopefully people will see this thread, and reply after they've not had their user session close out on them at random upon signing in. Then I'll know. Hope this helps explain my position. Thanks.


Wanted to come back here and share that someone else in the Zorin OS subreddit reported the same thing happening to them (and it was 2 days ago). I don't know if their system is fully up-to-date, but it's still happening. See picture below.

I'll be honest - this problem is off-putting and a disappointment. I'd like to be using Zorin OS, but I can't. Not until this problem is confirmed as fully resolved. In the meantime, I'm using Linux Mint still without any problems. I sincerely hope the Zorin Group fixes this ASAP and/or absolute confirmation comes soon it's truly fixed.

Everyone - is this bug still affecting you? Please advise. Thanks.

This - on a massive level.