Reset after restart or shutdown


I have Zorin OS on my USB key which is always plugged in. Now when I boot I have a list of choice with TRY or INSTALL. I do nothing and the OS boots. Now I configure a few things and I’m happy with them. Then each time I shutdown or restart, all my settings and configuration are lost.

I’m a total newbie and I just need a few step by step how to have Zorin OS to be installed and keeping my configuration and settings.

NOTE: I don’t want to alter my Windows 10 installation on the HD. I just one the Zorin OS to stay on the USB key

Thank you

When you boot Zorin on the USB key, you will see “Try or Install Zorin” and click it (as you usually do) except after selecting Try Zorin, then hit the


key to open the grub editor.
Arrow-key down to a line that begins with:

boot=casper quiet splash

And use your arrow keys to move the cursor over to the end of “quiet splash” and add the following value, so that it looks just like this:

boot=casper quiet splash – persistent

Note that there are Two Dashes, the forum makes it look like one long dash.
This needs only be done once.
After that, you should be able to save sessions between boot.

@Aravisian Is that an alternative to creating a Zorin boot USB with persistence?
Where are settings etc stored in this case?

I would not call it alternative, more like adding something after burning if you do not want to re-burn your medium:

I tested it earlier using a copy still on one disk of Ubuntu 21.04 and it worked.

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What if I’ve installed it on my laptop and I want my winecfg and settings to stick?

If Zorin OS is installed on your machine, then your configuration and settings Should stick.
But if you are running Zorin OS off of a USB stick without installing Zorin OS, then you will need ‘Persistence’ mode to instruct the system to save changes to the USB stick.

Just keep in mind that SSD is less efficient than spinning HDD in data transcription, giving SSD a lower amount of available re-writes than HDD.

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