Reset system bootloop

My system boots lubuntu fine but not zorin os , zorin os give me reset system bootloop , i have tried everything and my secure boot is also off. Any one any suggestions ?

Are you dual-booting lubuntu and Zorin?

At what point in the boot process is it looping? Immediately after selecting Zorin from the grub menu, does the Zorin logo appear, do you see the login screen before it loops, etc? Maybe you could provide a video of what is happening?

Can you try booting Zorin from another angle, such as Super Grub2 Disk? It searches for all operating systems on your machine and let's you boot into them, even if grub is missing or broken - I'm wondering if the grub menu entry for Zorin is not correct somehow, and once you've successfully booted into Zorin you can run sudo update-grub to see if that fixes it.

Another option is to boot the Zorin ISO and click Try instead of Install, then use the Boot Repair tool from the applications menu.

I recommend installing Ventoy on your USB stick and then copying ISO files onto it, rather than flashing the stick with just one ISO at a time.