Reset zorin 16

I was wondering if there is a way to reset the OS as I cannot do anything with it! I run into permission denied every time I try to download something to any of the directories from the internet or I spend half my time entering my password to end up nowhere. I have used the terminal or synaptic package manager with no results and because this is the first time I enter the world of Linux I probably screwed up some where along the way.
I wish I could find a simple "how to" manual for beginners; and I mean beginners!
I hope somebody is kind enough to put me on the right path but so far it does not look very promising. Thank you very much in advance!


Just use sudo command to remove permission denied and make your passcode simpler.
Try to do all the application install and remove from the terminal, cause it only asks for the password once :smile:

Here is some sort of beginners guide


Thanks for your help again but I am running into too many walls! I can't find a single sudo command related to removing the "denied permission" whether it is for the Downloads or Documents directory.
Here is my last try: sudo chmod -R 777 Downloads, then I tried to export my web browser bookmarks to the Doc directory and I get permission denied again.
It seems like Linux is for people with some previous programming experience and obviously it's not for me.

You need to add sudo in front of the command every time you access your directory from the terminal, or use open as an administrator.


There is a very simple 3-step way to refresh your Zorin installation:

1/ Find a copy of Swarf's (unofficial) Zorin manual and read it (time required 10-30 mins)

2/ Back up your personal data to a safe location (time required 10-20 mins). Not required if you make regular backups with fx Déjà Dup

3/ Reinstall Zorin from a USB or DVD (time required circa 30 mins)

Once done you can reinstall any apps required and then your backup data and you are good to go with a fresh installation.

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This thread would be a good place to look for that: Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15

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