Reset Zorin without password

So I got the Acer Nitro AN515-54 series and it is locked with an unknown password and user. Menu says Zorin, advanced options for Zorin, and system set up (which is locked with password).
Advanced options include two Zorin, with Linux generic and two recovery mode options.
Upon recovery it loads essential drivers, runs scripts, mounts root file system, and then it gives up waiting for root file system with common problems Boot args, check rootdelay, missing modules.

I have no idea how to access the computer, any advice?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by system set up is locked, if it is the bios you will have to remove the cmos battery from the motherboard (a silver coin-like battery) which will require you to open the case to find and remove the battery. Search your model and how to disassemble or how to remove the cmos battery.

Boot your computer and press 'e' at the grub menu. Scroll down untill you see

'ro quiet splash $vt_handoff'

and replace with:

rw init=/bin/bash.

ctrl + x to save and reboot. You will be at the command prompt on boot. Type the following and provide a new password when prompted:


Then reboot again using:

exec /sbin/init
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I thought you cannot even initiate booting sequence if the machine has boot password. If the user/password in for Zorin OS, the quickest solution is to ask user/password to the previous owner (or whoever installed Zorin on it).

Depends on the bios and what it allows. You can choose to lock just the setup or the device (HDD or SSD).

On my laptops I always choose the device, but I can change it to the setup if I decide. A picture with explanation of Administrator and User passwords:

Either can be erased by removing the cmos battery.

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I'm sorry, it won't look like a coin, it's wrapped in a non-conductive material with two wires attached:


You will most likely have to remove the large, main battery in order to locate it. It should have the same wire color scheme. (red & black).