Resize zorin menu window

I've tried kali linux live, i found it with xfce de as default , i liked it's menu(application menu), it's large , i can resize it to small , big, tall, short, my question can i resize zorin menu window like i can do that in kali linux?

I Don't think So, it's part of the desktop. But, You can Change your Desktop including Start Menu or get a new theme for Zorin :smile:


Zorin Lite is based on xfce but you may need to install whisker-menu to get what you desire.


I use two monitors with Zorin OS Lite.
On my primary monitor, I have a panel with Whiskermenu. It can be resized with a mouse drag.
The secondary has another custom panel, with the Zorin Menu on it.
Swarf is spot on with the recommendation of Whisker Menu

sudo apt install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin

The XFCE Zorin Menu can be resized by changing the padding in some of its widgets using a custom .css. But for those wishing to customize the menu, using Whiskermenu is the more practical bet.


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