Resizing Partition to upgrade Core 16 to Core 17

I went to upgrade my VMware Player VM from Core 16 to Core 17, only to be told (to my surprise) that I did not have enough space. I resized the partition in VMware, then downloaded a Core 17 .iso to boot into the live environment and run GParted.

As you can see by the screenshot, my primary partition (/dev/sda5) is adjacent to the unallocated space. But despite that, it is still impossible to resize it.

Is this because of the extended partition /dev/sda2?

I did not create it. That was all done automatically when I installed Core 16. Thanks for all suggestions!

I don't use Windows or VMWare for VMs. I don't know if it shows up in VMWare but I recently had an issue where I was running out of space in virt-manager which automatically sets /vda at 25 Gb. I did a few things. Removed the pool which defaults to /var, and created a new pool which uses the remaining space in home. Problems arise with space due to system updates so my usual allocation is now 100 Gb for a VM. Also at time of install I choose LVM but don't encrypt. LVM is needed if you want to increase your partition sizes. GNU/Linux without LVM can only shrink partitions.

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You could try to add the unallocated Space to /dev/sda5 to have it as one Thing because so like it is I would think it detects the sda5 with the 19.5GB and see that there are only 4.91GB unused and think it is too small.

Hi @Ponce-De-Leon,

Thanks! That's exactly what I am trying to do, but it is seemingly impossible to extend /dev/sda5, either by dragging or by adjusting the size numerically, and I have no idea why this should be the case. It's as though there's some invisible barrier.

Theoretically there should be an Option to expand ... What Options give it to You? I mean when You make a right-click or when You choose one of the Partitions.

I'm just learning all of this but, I thought you would have to make the extended partition larger to then make a virtual partition larger also. doesn't it need space to grow your sda5 within your sda2?

Yes! I had to extend /dev/sda2 before I could extend /dev/sda5.

Once I did that, it went as expected! Thank you, @jkendzi !

I still have no idea how the drive got partitioned like that in the first place!

Glad to see it worked for you :slight_smile:

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