Resizing Windows is Kind of Hard [Zorin OS Lite]

Hi. When I try to make a window bigger or smaller in Zorin OS Lite, it's hard because I have to be very precise with where I put the mouse cursor on the edge of the window.

If Zorin OS Lite could be more lenient on resizing a window, please, that'd be nice.


P.S. I don't know how to make a good gif (it turned out very low quality, and much larger file size) so here's a dropbox link instead:

EDIT: Looks like the video can't be viewed here. How can I make a decent quality gif out of an mp4 video recording? The video's only 10 seconds. But maybe a video isn't needed to understand the feedback here.

Zorin Lite uses XFCE desktop environment and the XF Window manager determines the space available to grab the edge to drag / resize based on the Size of the Border in the theme.
In gtk, you can have a margin that is sized larger than the image in the theme. So, in gtk, if you have a 1px border and a 10px margin, you will have 10px of space available to grab even with only a 1px visible line.
But in XFCE, if you have a 1px border, then 1px is all you have available to grab for resize.

The most straightforward solution is to switch to a theme with larger borders.
Alternatively, a theme can be modified so that the border is larger.

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Thanks. I didn't know that. I'll look into that.

  • Stanley.

I opened Window Manager and changed the theme to "Default-xhdpi", and it seems to be more lenient. Thanks.

You can also do a web search to look for other custom themes. :slight_smile:

How about making the windows smaller than what seems to be a pre-defined stopping point? I installed sublime text yesterday and it seemed to resolve the issue. However when I used the Zorin OS Lite today, same environment, the screenshot below is the smallest width that I can scale any text editor to. I prefer to have a very narrow window for reviewing text for data entry on a single monitor.
Just set this computer up to use in an alternate location and would really like to keep this distro! :slight_smile:

Is there a file that I could edit somewhere that would define something like "max-width" for application windows? Just a FYI, I was able to get a program called "from scratch" to resize to a smaller width. It seems to have a window snapping type of feature when I use it as well.

So I guess that my problem is resolved. The app is a little poky compared to the others though.

The csd drawn apps, like Gedit you posted a screenshot of, are comprised of more than just a Window size. The containers within for boxes, controls, toggle buttons... Those all have a defined width.
If using Zorin OS LITE (15), you can use Mousepad, Pluma or Xed, all of which can get pretty narrow on my system, no matter which theme i use.
I personally avoid Gedit, as I find it clunky and the forks Xed and Pluma are much more user friendly.

If you like, I can post a css snippet that you can paste into ~.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css that MAY help you narrow down gedit a bit.