Resolution changed every boot (XFCE)

I use a really old pc. it has intel q35 chipset. whenever I boot the resolution changes to 1024x768 (native resolution is 1280x1024) and Im unable to change it from the Display app.

the option to change it to 1280x1024 is literally unavailable. and in the screenshot where "Monitor" is written its supposed to be my monitor's name (HPL1 or something). sometimes the name comes back sometimes it doesnt, so I have to update and upgrade it in terminal then restart and even then it doesnt always fix the issue. its really annoying to do everytime I boot. I have already reinstalled the os like 15 times since last year and I have been always getting this issue. it works fine for a few days after installation and then this happens

Are you booting into "nomodeset" mode?
Paste the input of your dmesg here.

Also, please include your hardware Make and Model of computer.

Other things that might be helpful:
The terminal output of



sudo lshw -C video

Have you ever run any xrandr --newmode and xrandr --addmode commands?

@Aravisian On the last 2 days I've slept 3 hours. I've been trying to remember the mode's name but failed. Thank you!!
(And sorry.)

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