Restore last login session

Like KDE Neon, MacOS

Is there a restore last login session? Like automatically login when I power on my PC and loaded up all my previous firefox, applications, docs and all that jazz.

Consensus here is advising against autologin.
It could cause more problems even it looks like an easy solution.
I think @Aravisian could explain that better than myself.


Autologin conflicts with quite a few applications - just about anything that deals with Permissions can be troublesome.
In this particular case, it is a "Saved Session" that you are asking about, I think.

You can use Hibernate to achieve this affect on Zorin OS Core (Gnome).
On Zorin OS Lite (XFCE), check the box for Save Session on Logout.


That is what I always do at the end of the day :slight_smile:
And I use Gnome desktop and never auto-login (I learnt my lesson a while ago).


For Gnome I believe, this will not work if you have a Swap file instead of a Swap partition.
In my case I use only the Swap file so hibernation is not possible.


I have both swap file and swap partition.
It is because VMWare I use demands to create a swap partition.

I cannot recall when it is started.
But once upon a time, Ubuntu created swap partition not swap file.
Considering the fact that some applications still require swap partition, it seems to me a quite dumb move.

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