Restore PDF thumbnails

Dear Everyone!
Thank you for adding
I was able to remove the PDF thumbnails
PLEASE help restoring and displaying thumbnails PLEASE help

Can you please clarify your question?

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the PDF thumbnail is gone
Now just anyit shows that PDF
I would like to get back to the previous state

There is a nice list of suggestions here that may help:

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KÖSZÖNÖM :slight_smile:

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Szívesen. Remélem, segít.

I've been here before
unfortunately they have no practice on ZORIN topics

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Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, so the practice should be the same.

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what was written there I could not do

Please install:

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Launch dconf-editor, then open each tab:

Click "Use Default Value" to slide the swwitch to ON
Then under "custom value", write in 20
This will change the pdf thumbnail limit to 20 megabytes.


Are you using Zorin OS Lite?

yes yes

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That explains it.
Can yuo please try:

sudo apt install --reinstall tumbler tumbler-plugins-extra

That's not how I find it
I found it under this name to be a Document Viewer
Delete this?

Tumbler is what is used on XFCE for Indexing the Thumbnail Previews of files (including .pdf) on the desktop.

Azóta is zavar a dolog, hogy nem sikerült megoldanom, ugyanakkor nagyon fontos lenne, hogy látható legyen



From the Menu, select Preferences
Select Search and Preview


  • All Files
    Only for files smaller than 30MB

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