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im a big fan of retro gaming and have used retroarch and batocera but have recently installed Zorin which is my first time to use Linux systems. with Zorin in-mind what would be the best system to run with retro gaming and emuators.
thank you for any responce or help
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Hi Francis,

As far as retrogaming is concerned, I've tried several option,s and the best for me has been Batocera : easy to carry on a USB stick and to run from any computer. All you need to add is a joystick or game controller.

I've found it easier to manage, less bothersome to set up, and moreover it doesn't clutter your hard drive.

You'll find several emulators on the Zorin OS software store, some you might have already use on other distros, just take your pick.


I'd be interested in one to play only PlayStation games, do you know any? I'd like it mostly because I'd like to play Ace Combat series so I don't need one for any old console, RetroArch is really large.

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No sorry. I was already too old when the PSX was new :grin: I'm interested mosty on old 8bits stuff, like Philipps Videopac / Magnavox Odissey 2 or CBS Colecovision... :sweat_smile:

Feeling like I'm 12 again is priceless ! :rofl:


Yea i think its the best option and so versatile. Im trying to set that system up now, but having trouble booting from a usb or SD card like i used to with windows running. got some really nice roms from romspure .cc so i was hoping to play them on this new laptop but its a massive learning curve for me running zorin. I'm looking forward to getting it working :slight_smile:

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nearly all platforms play playstation 1 and depending on how pwerful you're computer is you can play more modern games. Batocera is at the moment the best system to play and run all retro games(look up Batocera Nation on youtube for more info.) you can run it all from a usb stick and still keep you're computer and settings and memory all intact. just pull the usb and restart the computer to reset to you're standard computer setup.

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yea, but are you old enough to remember the video game system that you had to use cassette tapes and a page full of codes to even get it started, i cant even remember what game system was called, but i can still hear the noise it used to make :slight_smile:

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Used to dabble with a friend's Sinclair ZX81, so yeah, I remember loading from cassette tapes and typing code on a lousy keyboard. :wink:


edaaf69429ca8f103c7be2dd996334fa5791d2fb ......... :exploding_head:

..... that is way beyond my pay-grade but really interesting ..... :rofl:

Retro games has main role in my success on youtube. I always get the roms from ...

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Now that's new - I still have a RetroPi setup! :smirk:

This gives me some ideas...

Someone tried the version 1.7.3+dfsg1-1.1 of RetroArch from GNOME Software? I tried both running my Air Combat .cue and .bin files but both just make RetroArch crash :person_shrugging:. I added extra components, enabled the core, changed some settings, nothing seems working :thinking:.

We need to know what kind of retro games looking at.
There are some good 'adventure' games via scummvm.
Included are some old Amiga/PC games - Flight of the Amazon Queen, Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress.
One game that was only on Windows can now be run on GNU/Linux, Prince of Persia:

For Playstation I think it is pcsxr - on Windows I used to use epsxe or something similar?

For Amiga: fs-uae

Find all but the Prince of Persia item in Synaptic Package Manager.

Okay I get it :kissing_heart: but what to do if i have to post a link related to this post but my heart is broken. I was just trying to help the people and to be admired by a humble thanks. :disappointed_relieved:

Welcome to the world of Linux gaming on Zorin! For the best Roms, retro gaming and emulation experience, I'd recommend giving RetroArch a try. It's user-friendly and versatile. Enjoy your gaming journey, and if you need any help, feel free to ask. :joystick::video_game:

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