Return LibreOffice Writer To Legacy Menu

I'm beginning to loathe the latest update of LibreOffice Writer with its wannabe MS Word Icon Menu Bar. Plus it is so buggy with its random appearance of insert/replace mode and the stupid dialog/comment shadow bar that locks everything up. It's almost impossible to type a simple letter with it anymore.

How do I turn this stuff off and return Writer to its legacy menu? I've searched the Help pages without success.

By the way, I've been using Writer since 1999 through its many evolutions (anyone remember StarOffice?).

Is there an alternative comparable word processing program?


You could try Onlyoffice, which is what I use.

Does anything here help:

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You could look at FREE OFFICE (from Softmaker), but they have a tendency to add upgrades and improvements that I try to avoid.

Thanks all.

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