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Is it possible to add a Return to Top (of page) to the bottom of threads here? That could stop a lot of side scrolling on threads that have gotten long.


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You could just click where it says the thread title at the very top of the page.


Otherwise click in that point :point_down:

Thanks for the suggestion. There is a 'floating' title bar at the top of the page that indeed I can click taking me to the top of that page. Its not the same as your image indicates, but it works.

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Thanks for showing the title bar that 'floats' over the thread. Perhaps the difference between what you are showing and I see is I am in desktop layout, while your and Turtle's image is from a mobile mode?

Either way, nice to have a workable shortcut.

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Turtle11 is the mobile app and Luca_Pavan is clearly a Browser screenshot. :wink:

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I use Zorin Forum here on the laptop. Perhaps my suggestion to return to top beyond Turtle11 suggestion was clicking the point framed in purple on the screenshot in my message above :point_up_2:, use which one you prefer. Assuming that you're using a pc, too, I don't know if there's the same scroll bar on phone.

Of course there is. It's under this button:

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I meant the vertical one, on the right side of the page, that one that you show appear only while writing.

Oh, right. In that case, not really.

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You can also click the date [11 gen] to go to top. It is a slightly bigger target to hit.


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