Reverse Tethering using Blueman and Bluetooth


Looking for assistance with a Bluetooth problem. I have Zorin Core 16.1 with Blueman installed.

I am trying to reverse tether--share the internet connection FROM my laptop via Bluetooth to my Android phone. They pair but no success with a shared internet connection to the phone. I have done a standard tether from the phone to the laptop via USB cable to share the phone's internet connectivity. I've also created a Wifi hotspot from a laptop running Windows 10 and shared the Windows laptop's internet with the phone.

What in Blueman or Android settings am I missing to make this work via Bluetooth and Zorin? I have the Network Access Point box checked. PAN support and DUN Support both have Network Manager checked. Could it be the IP address assigned in NAP settings is the culprit?

On the Android phone, under Hotspot and Tethering, Bluetooth tethering only has the option to share the phone's internet connection though I've tried it both ways. Wifi is deinfinitely OFF on the phone as is cellular service. There is no sim card in the phone.

I'd be okay with sharing the Zorin laptop's internet via USB but am unable to get that to work either. I saw an app for it but Bluetooth seems more elegant for my needs.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated.


Not all phones can reverse tether over USB or Bluetooth.
However a hotspot from your laptop should work, if you are using a wired connection, I have not done this in a while but I know with ubuntu 18* you could not share a wifi network over a secondary ad-hoc hotspot. To Clarify you can't use the same wifi adapter to do both in most cases*

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Thanks for this. I'll take a closer look at it to see what I can make happen.

I was just hopeful that using Blueman it would work. I saw reference to this:

and thought it might go. You are right about phones. I've tried two. One is a pretty cool little flip phone that runs Kaios but tells me to turn wireless on when cellular is off. I don't see a obvious way to remedy that.

But with the Android phone and this Blueman link above I thought Bluetooth would do it. I am needing to do it via Bluetooth (or USB) because I will be working in an area with no cell phone coverage and wifi is not permissible at the work site nor are cell phones permissible on the network. My goal is to receive 2FA texts from my bank to my cell phone via WiFi calling with the phone tethered to the laptop.

And as a follow up, I discovered this and it appears it'll work with Linux, a Reverse Tether No Root app. Bluetooth would be much nicer though...



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