Reversed pasted persian sentence!

Hi! recently I have encountered a new problem which is whenever i try to copy and past a Persian sentence, the pasted sentence is always reversed in every platform! how should i fix this , someone help me plz ! ex:

(copied) زن زندگی آزادی => (pasted)آزادی زندگی زن

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There are some settings that keep reversing your sentence words, did you change something on text encoding? Then maybe each software has his default encoding (set different from your system) which makes sentences reversed unless you change it on the software settings itself according to the characteristics of that language, like for example particular accent (^ and ¨ for example) or right-to-left reading.

thx for the responding! but the problem was with the pdf that I was copying the text from, I am genuinely sorry for my dumb mistake.

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