Reversing headphone audio

Is there a way to make it so that sound that currently plays out of the right ear of my headphone will play out of the left, and vice versa?

Are those Mac Style Speakers?




Is your sound output reverse wired?

I used to have a cheap mini-tower chassis with such reverse wiring problem. To compensate that, I flipped the position of my speakers. But I think it would not be easy for headsets which always have a sidedness.

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turn your headphones around :grin:

works on mine


It depends on the design.
My inexpensive on the ear headsets do not have any sidedness but my professional studio monitor headsets clearly have sidedness.


I only use my 24.99 wireless set on my laptop and it works fine for my needs. My Sennheiser (500.00) I only use in recording our material. I assumed that others did the same . Ouch

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Does it have sidedness?

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they feel weird when turned backwards. plus the mic is not where its use to on me


I think those expensive ones are designed to give a good fit.

Since OP did not answer my question, we still do not know why he/she needs to flip left and right channels.

There might be some application to do such thing but I do not know.
I just hope OP's headsets are one of those inexpensive no-sidedness kind.


You could buy a cheap headphone extender lead and cross-patch the left and right wires. It may involve using a soldering iron to do a proper job. I don't think you will find a commercially available cross-over cable.

I am not sure if you can swap left and right in software.
Edit: I found this:

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