Review messages shown during boot

I'm having a few issues (text lines) appearing during the boot of Zorin OS. It goes by too fast for me to read it properly. It seems to be about some certificate not being accepted or something.

Is there a way to review that, see what was written there during boot?

You will find the log file that contains the information you are looking for at

/var/log/auth. log

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You may be seeing the checksum that runs on boot every time to ensure system files aren't corrupt.

If there are errors they will be listed in the the /var/log directory, as star treker said.


I guess it can/should be in that directory path, but there are a lot of log files here. I've read auth.log but it's not it.

I've looked through boot.log, dpkg.log and syslog, but still didn't see it. There must somewhere else or some other way to see it.

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