Review taking on Zorin

I've watched that particular video at least 3 times since he posted it. lol

I put that for people with question - can you playing on linux i mean that version linux Zorin.

If you're asking if I can play games on Zorin, Heck yeah. Its what I've done on every linux install except for the xfce desktop environments. As it is now, you install lutris at the very least, it pulls in the versions of Wine and Proton outlined in the launcher script for a game and you're off to the races. Outside of that, some tweaking and "stuff", will need to be done.

Some games are even doable in a Zorin virtual machine.

And I have done it only on XFCE Desktop Environment. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that for me was weird what he sayed. It must be some joke or just he don't using XFCE or fan GNOME.

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