RGB lighting software for Zorin OS?

Yes, I use OpenRGB and on my system, it works perfectly. I like to turn off the Fan Lights at night...

sudo apt update && sudo apt install openrgb

You can find it listed in the app menu.

In respect of lighting I have Asus motherboard which has the built in LED colour changing thing, and all I need to do is turn off in the BIOS. I understand that this may not be possible with regard to ancillary lighting (fans, and PSU's that need a controller cable to motherboard. Annoying that such cables are not standardised as I had one come with my Warranty replaced PSU from Cooler Master and has one more pin than the motherboard can take). I find it amusing that you can get all of this fancy lighting when 100% of the time you are looking at the screen and not the redundant light show!

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