Right and Left clik does the same thing

Hi, I have a Lenovo ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL and the right mouse button does not work. It does the same thing as the left one and there seems to be no settings to change anything in the settings.

In Settings > Mouse & Touchpad can you please check the Primary Button selection?

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I've noticed something new with the touch pad mouse clicks - try using two fingers close together, then click. My right-click doesn't work until I use two fingers in close proximity. Only with touch pads though, not sure if you're using a USB / external mouse :smirk:

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This was under the "Touchpad Click Options" menu. I had to select "Right-Click with Click in Bottom right Corner or Two Finger Tap". I would suggest you guys leave the "Right-Click with Click in Bottom right Corner or Two Finger Tap" (My gosh this is the longest name ever) as the default option.

This way people don't have to go google search trying to figure out why their trackpad isn't working.

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